• A Craig

The Environmental Cost of Recycling

Every time a window is replaced, there is a cost to you, as well as the planet.

Do you ever wonder about where the building materials you're replacing end up? Or what the cost to the environment might be?

In the Lower Mainland, there are very few places to recycle old window glass. You're not able to place it at the curb as you might an empty jar or bottle. It needs to go to a Re-use-it Centre or to a facility that is able to recycle it properly, as the melting point will be different than a glass container. If you manage to find a place to recycle it, they are likely to simply crush it to use in reflective paint or as a road fill.

You might be surprised by the cost of recycling. Used building materials can cost up to $330/tonne to dump at the landfill and are not being recycled.

Environmental costs

Every time new windows are manufactured, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Of course, if they are able to use recycled glass, this will save a lot. Approximately 690 lbs of carbon dioxide is saved by using one metric ton (2205 lbs) of waste glass in manufacturing. This does not account for the inert gases being released from between the panes when the glass is crushed.

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